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17 - 19 Aug

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Workshops (Saturday)

Emrah Yayici

Emrah Yayici is the managing partner of ArtBizTech innovation consultancy and UXservices design companies. He is also the chairman of bang.prix which is a non-profit organization that supports young people from various disciplines such as fine arts, engineering, design and genetics who combine science and technology with artistic perspectives. Emrah is also the author of Design Thinking Methodology and Artful Thinking books that are published on

Lucas Morgan

Lucas is the creator of GeoPix, an LED/DMX Pixel Mapping software built in TouchDesigner.

His background is in 3D animation and rendering. He has spent many years building, texturing, and rendering 3D environments in software that includes Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, as well as composting software like Nuke and Composite. In the last five years Morgan shifted his focus to TouchDesigner, building pixel and video mapping projects both large and small for a variety of festivals including Electric Forest and Euphoria, and clients including Imaginex, BRDG, and MOD/OP Films.

His primary focus over the last three years has been around building large scale system architectures in TouchDesigner. His recent large scale projects include GeoPix 0.9, and Crescent Sun with Imaginex (on-going) and for the last year and a half, GeoPix 1.0 which was built from the ground up around a true 3D real-time workflow.

Elburz Sorkhabi

Elburz Sorkhabi is the founder and technical director of nVoid. He is also the immersive technical director at ZERO11ZERO and one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner.

He has worked on product launches, permanent architectural installations, and world wide tours with brands, iconic organizations, and individuals that include Google, Kanye West, Giorgio Armani, Nike, Under Armour, Netflix, the Seattle Art Museum, Verizon, TIFF, AMEX, and Cannes Lions. Elburz has led and deployed teams across the world in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, and Paris. He has lectured publicly and privately at leading institutions including Yale University, Society for Arts and Technology, and the International Space University.


350 TouchDesigneurs coming from all the corners of the world.


The Summit takes place on the beautiful and spacious Couer des Sciences / UQAM campus in  Montreal centre-ville very close to Place des Arts. We will be occupying several spaces in the campus, but the main entrance and registration will be in the “Chaufferie” building which will also act as the ‘lab’ or community space.  Please see attached map for access routes.