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Workshops (Saturday)

Emrah Yayici

Emrah Yayici is the managing partner of ArtBizTech innovation consultancy and UXservices design companies. He is also the chairman of bang.prix which is a non-profit organization that supports young people from various disciplines such as fine arts, engineering, design and genetics who combine science and technology with artistic perspectives. Emrah is also the author of Design Thinking Methodology and Artful Thinking books that are published on

Roy Gerritsen

Roy Gerritsen (1980) is founder and creative director of Boompje studio.  A small design boutique build on passion and focused on music-related visuals.

After graduating (with honors) from the Utrecht school of arts (HKU), Roy devoted his time to music visualization. First through the medium of print (doing design work for cd covers, party flyers and vinyl sleeves) and slowly moving into the more complex medium of animation, motion graphics and creative coding.

He is driven by his passion to innovate and determined to create a synergy between design and technology. Roy is co-founder of the newly formed Amsterdam based, yfx lab and currently is focusing on building generative design systems within TouchDesigner.

Hugo Laliberté

Hugo Laliberté is a creative programmer in the field of interactive and experiential digital art. He currently co-directs the Ottomata Montreal Experiential Studio, which specializes in the technical design of interactive installations and immersive works. Laliberté develops his works around the spectator and the capacity to act. With a background in electrical engineering, advanced programming, and music, he began experimenting with interactive media in 2013 and obtained a Bachelor's Degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal. It was at this time that he co-founded his first artist collective with which he exhibited at the Chromatic Festival, the Society for Arts and Technology, the Livart Gallery, and the Jutra Awards Gala. His work has been featured across Canada, Dubai, and Tokyo.


350 TouchDesigneurs coming from all the corners of the world.


The Summit takes place on the beautiful and spacious Couer des Sciences / UQAM campus in  Montreal centre-ville very close to Place des Arts. We will be occupying several spaces in the campus, but the main entrance and registration will be in the “Chaufferie” building which will also act as the ‘lab’ or community space.  Please see attached map for access routes.