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Workshops (Saturday)

Josue Ibañez

Cocolab is a Mexico City-based studio consisting of artists in the various fields of digital art. Their work is a collaboration of creators that build unique audiovisual experiences for large audiences. Members of Cocolab develop their own tools in TouchDesigner in order to enrich their audiovisual projects with the purpose of expanding the possibilities of creation.

For the past ten years the studio has been exploring the limits between the possible and the impossible with technology. This experimentation results in powerful installations that engage with audiences through sound and movement.

Cocolab has worked on projects that include the Disarm installation by Pedro Reyes, an automatized musical band made out of weapons that once belonged to the drug cartels of Northern Mexico and White Canvas, a room filled with hundreds of light beams that explores the relation between space and light. Their work has been showcased internationally in locations that include Brazil, Japan, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, and the Netherlands.

Cocolab believes that inspiration is the engine of any form of creation, so their purpose is to inspire people and inspire themselves. To inspire and create is a virtuous cycle of which they want to be an active part.

Tim Greiser

Tim Greiser runs a software consulting business based in Portland, Oregon. He is a multi-disciplinary artist and open source enthusiast. He is the co-creator of Laser Juice, the author of the Ether Dream drivers for Go, and a longtime TouchDesigner user. He is currently exploring XR formats and performing with the fulldome live A/V act sin(Cronus).

Richard Burns

Richard Burns is an interactive developer specializing in the field of projection mapping. Previously he worked at ProjectionArtworks in London, UK. He has developed diverse projects that include car simulators, interactive ping pong tables, projection mapping, and tracking systems. In his spare time he performs VJ sets at various locations in the UK and teaches TouchDesigner. He recently moved to Tokyo.


350 TouchDesigneurs coming from all the corners of the world.


The Summit takes place on the beautiful and spacious Couer des Sciences / UQAM campus in  Montreal centre-ville very close to Place des Arts. We will be occupying several spaces in the campus, but the main entrance and registration will be in the “Chaufferie” building which will also act as the ‘lab’ or community space.  Please see attached map for access routes.