Summit 2019

45 Workshops | 21 Talks
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17 - 19 Aug




Workshops (Saturday)

Harvey Moon

Harvey Moon is a new media artist and a creator of tools and machines. His work centres around the ways technology mediates our perception of the world. Technology has always been used to extend our abilities beyond our human potential. With this as his inspiration, Moon creates custom software, electronics, and kinetic systems to produce new and unique works of art. Harvey Moon received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited internationally at venues that include the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the Nuit Blanche Festival in Toronto. He currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

Yuki Narumi

Yuki Narumi is a TouchDesigner Study Weekend organizer and coordinates additional TouchDesigner events. TouchDesigner Study Weekend is the biggest and most frequently offered TouchDesigner workshop in Japan. Beginning in April 2018, TDSW provides instruction on several topics for a range of student levels.


VanTa is an experienced developer, with a strong focus in the field of computer graphics.

In his creations, he always tries to find a balance between geometry, abstraction, and chaos.

At the age of eight he left home and founded his own aerospace startup with very little venture capital, that operated from his parents’ porch.

With a background in environmental science, his work revolves around the intersection between art, science, and technology. He loves when digital elements align with the real world; either in augmented reality overlays, projection mapping on architectural landmarks, or pixels floating in thin air. VanTa also performs as a VJ and musician in different locations and festivals around the world. When he finds the time, he teaches coding to designers and artists.


350 TouchDesigneurs coming from all the corners of the world.


The Summit takes place on the beautiful and spacious Couer des Sciences / UQAM campus in  Montreal centre-ville very close to Place des Arts. We will be occupying several spaces in the campus, but the main entrance and registration will be in the “Chaufferie” building which will also act as the ‘lab’ or community space.  Please see attached map for access routes.