(Ali Phi)

Ali Phi's experiences in media arts started with the project ‘Elemaun’ in 2008 through audio-visual performances concentrated on persian motifs, the forgotten essence of Iran as an inspirational material. The flow of his works is based on programming , generative audio-visual design, interactive media & immersive environment installations which depict the relation between geometry, science, light, poetry and their transformations in computer. 

Exploring ritual roots in Persian art, culture and architecture has affected his creations by taking elements from old era of Persia & middle-eastern lifestyle to build his futuristic utopia made with conceptual installations. He is the founder of 'nullsight', a media art collective & design studio in Tehran and freelance festival curator of ‘TADAEX’ since 2014. He has performed and exhibited his works in international festivals like Ars Electronica, Tasmeem Doha, Patchlab, & Tadaex, 20 group exhibitions, 4 solo shows and several media art installations in public spaces.

Ali Phi lives and works in Tehran.