Yan Kalnberzin

Yan Kalnberzin is a video and media artist who graduated from the Moscow Institute of Aviation Technology. He was an active artist in Moscow's underground in the 2000’s as part of the musical group PBOYUL. One of the pioneers of stop-motion animation in Moscow, Kalnberzin created the stop-motion clip "sea lilies" for the band, Kids of Picasso. Kalnberzin was also one of the founders of the company Russian Visual Artists and has participated in many Russian and international festivals including, HYPE, MIGZ, PlumsFest, Abracadabra, and Worldtronic.

Kalnberzin is the creator of video and special effects for numerous theatre performances including Agate Returns Home, The Golden Cockerel, A Doll's House, and many others. He participated in the Moscow festival Circle of Light in 2011 mapping the festival's primary facade, the Hotel Moscow. He has organized educational events in Moscow using TouchDesigner.