Michael McKellar

Michael McKellar is a creative designer, instructor, and technologist. He has been involved with creative computing most of his professional life. He is currently an assistant professor within the School of Creative Design and Technology at the University of Texas in Austin. McKellar’s classes specialize in the methodologies surrounding the design and development of immersive technologies.

Professionally, he has designed, developed, and implemented immersive and interactive commercial work around the world for clients from fields that range from construction to realty and even royalty. His portfolio contains a large number of specialist projection and interactive mapping skills from CAVEs, immersive domes, and human computer interactivity.

He started Programming for People in 2016 to fill a gap in the online tutorial market that was not catering to interactive or creative outlets. It boasts in excess of 10,000 unique viewers each month studying a range of hardware, software, and creative computing implementations.