Shandor Chury

Shandor Chury was born in the Soviet Union and brought up in Belarus (Vitebsk and Minsk) in the general art school, specializing in piano. He has been deeply involved in music, as a classical piano performer, orchestrator and mixing engineer for long time and in various ways.


Coming to France to finish his Master Degree (languages,international relations, maths, statistical analysis) he decided to come back to his true love – stage, performance – but in a different way. He created the brand OVVO to be able to do everything he wanted: music, lighting, stage design, programming, technical direction.


Working for more than 7 years in Technical Directions of big events and shows (Beyoncé, P!nk, Katy Perry…) in Europe, he then reoriented the company to content creation and live art entertainment, involving large scale mappings, show content, data visualization installations. It was (and still is)a unique opportunities to combine all of his skills into 1. TouchDesigner became his best partner in crime since then.