Zoe Sandoval

Zoe Sandoval is a Mexican-Venezuelan filmmaker, multimedia artist, and producer who specializes in interactive installations and documentary production. Currently, Sandoval is an MFA candidate at UC Santa Cruz in the Digital Arts + New Media program in the Experimental Play project group. Sandoval’s research interests include installation art, play theory, ritual studies, queerness, and participatory design. Read more about Sandoval’s MFA adventures on the blog, @the#. Sandoval also received a BA in Film, Television, and Digital Media with an emphasis in non-fiction and digital media from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television.

Previously, Sandoval worked as a project manager and creative producer at the UCLA Center for Research in Engineering, Media, and Performance (REMAP). At REMAP, Sandoval produced and designed several interactive storytelling workshops, including the Google-funded Future of Storytelling effort and local initiatives with California State Parks. In 2018, Sandoval founded a lab, MIR (materializing interactive research) with Matthew Ragan. Learn more here: