4:00 pm



Aesthetics, Arrows and Connectivity

This talk will act as a roadmap for creative practice using a framework of nodes and connections. Within the context of connectionism the presenter, Ioannis Bardakos, will construct and define the term “diagrammatic aesthetics” through the use of a visual logic/reasoning paradigm. In such a framework, analogies, arrows, and wires create associations between digital and physical objects and restructure the consciousness of the artist at every delta time. Furthermore, the element of feedback, the forgotten backbone of first and second order cybernetics, provides the theoretical tools for a new exploration of how loops can be a generator of aesthetics.

While this presentation is largely theoretical it will be supported by a rich set of aesthetic examples that include diagrams, loops, artworks, and connections created by the presenter. Additional examples will be drawn from university students engaged in the study of art and aesthetics within a new media context. This talk aims to highlight the importance of diagrams and structures (computational, logic, or even mathematical) for generating poetics (structure and art).