3:00 pm



Application of Kinetic Installation and Laser Control System in China

In this talk, Ruokun Chen and Jimmz Zhang will describe the technical development of various commercial projects using TouchDesigner, including kinetic installations and a laser control system.

The first project that will be addressed is a kinetic installation control system developed for launch events for both Audi and Volkswagen. Photo and video documentation will be shown in order to explain how this system works with pre-rendered video, real-time projection, and dance performances. This particular technique is based on DMX512 and Art-NET protocol. This presentation will also detail how the design team used GLSL to calculate 40k channels of DMX channels in real time for the Audi Launch in Guangzhou and the troubleshooting techniques they developed for the project.

Chen and Zhang will also discuss the laser control system that they integrated with the Audi A6L Launch in January 2019 and will share how they were able to make the system cooperate precisely in relation to a holography show.

A further technical discussion will describe and explain EtherDream and laser machine in connection to TouchDesigner. A further technical discussion will describe and explain how to control Lasers from within TouchDesigner using the Etherdream interface. The presenters will also elaborate on a tdu.Matrix based cornerpin correction that can be deployed for laser projections.

The talk will be brought together by a discussion of workflows for the development of control systems in addition to an overview of the technical specifications of different hardwares and softwares. The presenters will display technical resources, including .toe files and animation FBX files, in order for attendees to better understand the concepts presented.

Lastly, the presenters will briefly discuss their part in developing the Chinese TouchDesigner Community as well as memorable moments from the first Shanghai TouchDesigner Forum this past December.