12:00 pm



Dynamic Simulations for Large Scale Interactive Installations and Performances

Human beings are used to living in a world ruled by the laws of physics, which is why using controlled digital dynamic simulation

s is a particularly effective way to create relatable digital worlds that people can engage with. The combined ability to sense people in a space and map digital spaces over physical ones can lead to the creation of new and impactful artworks and experiences.

In this talk, Vincent Houzé will explain how his visual effects experience eventually led him to the creation of large scale interactive installations and performances. He will present the techniques and inspirations that informed a selection of his artworks and describe his use of TouchDesigner as the main software in a variety of projects.

Houzé has used TD as a tool for previsualization to understand physical spaces, as the control centre for aggregating sensors data, and as a platform to develop digital physics simulations, for the creation of novel and compelling organic motions and shapes.