1:00 pm



Network System Control

This session will provide a basic introduction to networks systems control in TouchDesigner. One of the most powerful features of TouchDesigner is that it contains the default tools to create control servers through local or public networks, for the development of professional and high-end interactive systems. It allows you to create stable and optimized control systems like any media server but they can be completely tailored, with a much more affordable approach. TouchDesigner allows you to develop a robust deployment of multimedia formats within one main or multiple controls, ranging from standard input hardware to non-traditional systems.

In this talk the presenters will demonstrate how to create a custom interface to control and sync different processes from a server to multiple clients, in multiple machines, with different techniques. They will demonstrate how to design and configure a user-friendly interface, controlled through MIDI hardware, mixing the use of buttons, knobs, and sliders to manage the full project. Attendees will learn how to revise basic network configuration for multiple machines inside a LAN, through a switch modem using the Windows 10 console. They will demonstrate how to test and run instructions from the master to clients, enabling each client to receive and interpret the input from their respective sources and will review how to configure a basic support system that allows a project to rely on every computer to swap processes in case of a system crash.

Finally, a fully functional project developed in INTUS for a real client will be analyzed, with the techniques previously discussed, in order to show the possibilities and benefits that a network with multiple machines can offer.