2:00 pm



New Interactions at Exhibitions and Museums

Cocolab is a Mexico City-based firm and one of the largest laboratories of art and technology in Latin America that uses TouchDesigner as their primary tool. The firm has been featured in festivals that include Day Night, Mutek MX, Today's Art, and recently SXSW as part of the Digital Art Program.

In this talk Cocolab will present their creative process and will describe their approach for using different technologies and new interactions for producing experiences for larger audiences in exhibitions and museums.

Cocolab uses art as a medium to experiment with and develop new technologies. The technical discoveries they make through artistic experimentation in turn become part of the core software and hardware they use in their exhibitions and installations. In this talk they will present a new interactive and immersive experience created in collaboration with Vincent Houzé, with technical help from Elburz. Houzé and Elburz are two very active collaborators in the TouchDesigner community.