4:00 pm



Parametric Thinking

The newly formed Dutch studio, yfx lab explores the overlap between design, science, and technology.  Focusing on a data-driven approach, yfx lab investigates the possibilities of building and controlling complex systems and algorithms without losing the ability to manage, adapt, and design.

Using a parametric approach, a bridge is made between technology and design, making it possible to merge the best of both worlds in a harmonic and artistic way. yfx lab's ongoing research explores the creative collaboration between humans and machines, by using a workflow where space is made for unplanned events and happy accidents. Making use of parametric design, GLSL shaders, and machine learning we are slowly shifting our roles from designers to curators.

TouchDesigner is at the heart of this pipeline and during this talk Roy and Time Gerritsen will share their process and outline how they approach projects in both the artistic and commercial fields. Finally they will discuss the technical side of how they build patches that are modular, experimental, and highly customizable.