3:00 pm



Quantitative Easing

This talk is for intermediate TouchDesigner users and will focus on generative animation techniques. One of the 12 principles of animation is “overlapping action.” Multiple objects should move at the same time and in slightly different ways. When using only a handful of objects, this effect is easy to achieve using manual keyframing inside the Animation Component, but in situations with a larger or unpredictable number of objects, a generative approach becomes necessary. To overcome these hurdles, David Braun will introduce his GLSL/CHOP easing functions. He’ll explain the powerful concept of phasing and how it can be conveniently parameterized. Phasing can also be saved to an image, which makes it easier to understand and manipulate. Attendees will learn tips for using the Time Component, Blend CHOP, and Alembic files. Whether you’re blending images, morphing particle systems, or moving UI elements, Braun’s generative approach to animating will help you keyframe less and dazzle more. The beginning and end are fixed; how you get there is up to you (and phasing).