11:00 am



TouchDesigner in a Production Pipeline

In this talk Ronen Tanchum will demonstrate different ways to treat TouchDesigner as a 3D production package for the creation of high-end 360 content. He will focus on the different roles TouchDesigner can take in a traditional production pipeline, ranging from Previz, animation, on-set visualizations, 3D layout animation, shading, and rendering. Different ways of exporting 3D scenes and simulations from Houdini into TouchDesigner will also be explained. Tanchum will go into detail about how to approach large projects that don’t necessarily have the budget to go fully 3D and how they can be managed by arranging them into executable tasks for a small team. The presenter will describe how he utilizes TouchDesigner’s capacity to render in incredibly high-resolutions while saving disk-space, rendering time, and limiting turnaround time for clients. Finally, Tanchum will describe how TouchDesigner has assisted on projects in terms of computing power, accessibility, and flexibility.