10:00 am



TouchDesigner Study Weekend

In this session Yuki Narumi and Joe Ohara will talk about the TouchDesigner Study Weekend (TDSW) - the largest and most frequently offered TouchDesigner workshop in Japan. TDSW has been held twice a month since April 2018 and to date has offered thirteen workshops, two hackathons, and two meet-ups to over 700 participants. TDSW includes workshops for beginners and addresses a range of topics including audiovisual performances, sensors, Arduino, broadcasting, GLSL, and instruction on other software including Houdini and Substance Designer. TDSW instructors are often TouchDesigner professionals and/or Japanese artists.

TDSW has received attention from a number of Japanese companies including the Japanese interactive agency Dentsu Isobar, Tokyo-based telecommunications company, SoftBank, and entertainment conglomerate, SEGASAMMY. These companies often offer space to use for classrooms, meetups, and hackathons.

TDSW is currently planning several projects including an experimental video competition, the winner of which will have their work exhibited on SEGASAMMY’s huge LED display named TUNNEL TOKYO. Narumi and Ohara are also planning a collaboration with Doron as Japan introduces a big Doron race next year.

TDSW is not only a workshop organization. They are continuously planning innovative art projects and frequently experiment with emerging technologies. They are excited to collaborate with artists and designers working with TouchDesigner and ask that you get in touch next time you come to Japan!