10:00 am



"Universal" Project Template

How can we automate certain tasks when producing interactive projects? How can we avoid having to reconfigure the same options for different projects? The creation of a "universal" template in TouchDesigner tackles these challenges and can save creators time and energy.

In this talk, Bertrand De Becque will describe his experience setting up his own universal template. He will present how this method has become a key starting point for all of his productions and how his universal template system has progressively evolved by testing it in real conditions.

De Becque’s template system allows creators to define the devices that will be used to provide information in just a few clicks. Sources can include webcams, MIDI controllers, microphones, instruments, smartphones, joysticks, and Raspberry Pis. The creation of a template also facilitates the interactive creation of 2D and 3D content in real time. Finally, the presenter will highlight how this system allows creators to set the way pixels are retransmitted (whether through screen display, video projector, HTC VIVE, Fisheye Dome, equirectangular 360 video), light (in DMX signals), wind, smoke, audible signals, and more.

This kind of project architecture is especially useful for collaborative workflows as it helps several people to work together. It establishes clearly defined spaces where every project member can easily know where to intervene within the network. The most remarkable advantage of the template is the ability to work in a flexible environment where you can change, in a few moments, the way participants can enjoy and interact with your creation.