3:00 pm



What Do We Want to Be (When We Grow Up)?

Our community’s approaches, tools, and techniques are increasingly valuable to clients connecting with their audiences through digital layers in physical places - from temporary experiential events & activations to permanent installations in architectural contexts.

This session will explore the “emerging field” that we are all working in and creating. Presenter David Bianciardi will share some perspectives from AV&C’s time working at this intersection of digital and physical.

Ecosystem: What is the landscape of interconnected disciplines we operate in? How are our contributions key to the success of this kind of work for our clients and partners?  This work is a team sport - how do we fit into this ecosystem as individuals, groups and companies?

Deep Media: We define “media” and “content” to include responsive, data-driven, computationally generated, realtime visual expression.  Why is traditional “linear” media not always optimal for these new types of canvases and how is “evergreen” or “deep” media the strategic approach?  Why realtime?

Working at Scale: As our approaches go mainstream, how do we scale our techniques and ways of working together?  How do we manage the risk of “new” (innovation) with the responsibilities of working in the built environment?