3D Projection Mapping Workflow

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In this workshop we will look at how we can previsualize projectors and create a simulation of the real world using the ArcBallCamera component from the TouchDesigner palette in addition to a pre-built projector component.

Using the projector component participants will learn how to establish the perfect position for their projector. We will review the variables that can make a projection look good or bad. Factors including lux, millimeters per pixel, projection angle, and general best practices will be explained. Together, we will also discuss how simulation can help to avoid elements that can impact the quality of a projection.

Once this foundational material is covered we will look at how to set up a “sweet spot” camera to view a projection by using the Texture SOP. The instructor with describe the UV workflow and will discuss the best approaches to use when working with UVs. From here we can make some visuals from our sweet spot camera which can then be re-projected onto our 3D set.

As a final step in the process we will use the CamSchnappr component from the palette to re-project our virtual 3D setup onto the real world object. Here we will see how the projection matrix can be determined via CamSchnappr and examine how a 3D scan workflow can assist in this type of scenario.

We’ll finish the workshop by comparing each other’s visuals and reviewing some simple SOP tricks to make classic projection mapping effects like trace lines.

10:00 am
6:00 pm