Animation (Skeletal) Rigs in TouchDesigner

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This workshop will focus on a variety of aspects of character animation. We will begin with a discussion of the common paradigm for character animation in 3D animation software. Next, we will discuss how to import rigs from FBX, where to get them, and how to work with them. Participants will learn how to setup their own deforming rig with existing geometry, how to setup and tune bone hierarchy, and how to use inverse kinematics and other types of goal-oriented bone control.

Attendees will also learn how to scan themselves using photogrammetry, how to rig and get themselves animated, and where to get and how to implement ready-made animations. This section will expand on how to transfer animation made for a particular rig to another. Animation rigs can be used not just for character animation, but for geometry-fun. We will review tips and tricks for working with rig animation data using TouchDesigner.

Finally, workshop participants will go over how to make a patch to control characters using Kinect CHOP and how to blend different animations. The workshop will end with a group discussion and the sharing of ideas related to using animated rigs in VJ setups and other ways to record character animation.

Prerequisites (Optional): Software: Ableton Live, Hardware : MIDI Controller, Leap Motion, Kinect, other devices.
10:00 am
1:30 pm