Creating Generative Visuals with Complex Systems

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This workshop will walk participants through the process of creating real-time generative visuals using two types of systems: reaction-diffusion and cellular automata. Both methods yield a variety of complex and often non-repeating patterns.

Reaction-diffusion systems model the changing of one or more chemical substances. The examples that will be addressed in the workshop include beginner level TOP-based methods and a brief discussion of intermediate level techniques using GLSL. Cellular automata are simulations consisting of grids of cells which change their state based on simple rules. Participants, along with the instructor, will build 1D and 2D cellular automata systems from scratch using GLSL and will look at examples which incorporate decaying cells (or the “generations” variation) along with methods for utilizing multiple rule-sets in one system.

These patterns, while compelling on their own, can also be used as the input to other systems. This session will help participants understand how to use their motion to drive particles systems and manipulate geometry, in addition to exploring how to add interactive elements to these systems, such as audio-reactivity and motion control from a Kinect or Leap Motion. Above all, the workshop will expose participants to an iterative approach to creating generative visuals, exploring ways of reusing concepts and techniques in new ways.

2:30 pm
6:00 pm