Fast Track for 3D and VFX Artists

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This workshop will fast-track game and visual effects artists interested in creating interactive scenes with TouchDesigner using 3D animations, textures, lights, and controls. Using TouchDesigner, workshop participants will integrate audio-driven animation, live controls, and many other types of inputs to drive their scenes.

Think of TouchDesigner as a real-time engine for 3D graphics and 2D compositing at the same time. It's also an application-building framework complete with interface building tools and scripting with Python. It is a node-based workflow, so it requires building both the scene and the controls needed to animate and interact with the scene. These controls can be automatically driven by an ever-increasing library of inputs and software development kits.

Derivative has recently incorporated a variety of game and VFX-familiar technologies, including a revamped physically-based rendering engine, SBSAR materials, GLSL shaders, and the ability to import models and animations as FBX, Alembic, or OBJ.

As a VFX or game artist, the most rewarding aspect of learning TouchDesigner is its ability to breathe new life into your existing skill set. Workshop participants can expect to experiment with and create interactive experiences you never thought possible. Those thinking of incorporating TouchDesigner into an existing VFX pipeline, to leverage the GPU for automated compositing and/or rendering tasks, will also benefit from this session.

By the end attendees will have an understanding of how to import assets and how to setup scenes, controls, and a basic render engine. The workshop will close with a discussion of best practices for scene optimization and performance.

10:00 am
1:30 pm