Rock Your Visuals

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In a world where new design tools are constantly changing and evolving TouchDesigner creates space for artists and designers not only to create new works but to build their own tools. TD enables creators to use a generative frame-of-mind that can lead to different methods and original outcomes.

In this workshop Ben Benhorin will teach participants how to find their own original style and unique tone-of-voice through generative design while also considering the broader contexts of media and art. This workshop will offer methods to find focus and style in a world of endless possibilities. This session aims to simplify the complexity of an open platform like TouchDesigner. Its “open canvas” structure offers total creative freedom that can also be confusing. Participants will learn how to identify and use their own design patterns and favourite styles, how to refine techniques and parameters, and how to formulate them into a more structured system of reusable effects and components.

Borrowing from the world of guitar pedal effects, the presenter will create new effect racks that expose the core parameters through UI that drive the visual and hide what is not needed. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to create a set of tools that reflect their unique voices. They will learn to create visual worlds composed of simple rules that allow both complexity and creative freedom.

2:30 pm
6:00 pm