Using the LookingGlass Holographic Display with TD

BeSide has worked with the team behind the innovative Looking Glass holographic display in order to build a TouchDesigner implementation. The Looking Glass displays true volumetric 3D imagery without the use of VR/AR headgear. Although this new technology is a natural fit for the TouchDesigner environment, initially only a Unity integration was made available. Dave Tennet and the BeSide team worked with developers at the Looking Glass Factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to build a port for TouchDesigner that allows any 3D geometry within TD to be rendered (with full texturing and lighting) within the volume of the Looking Glass display.

In this workshop, David Tennent will provide a brief overview of the technology behind the Looking Glass and the architecture of the TouchDesigner integration. Afterwards participants will work with the actual devices and their own computers, while running TouchDesigner, in order to learn how to set-up the system. Tennent and BeSide Co-Founder/Managing Director, Matthew Haberd will be available to provide tips and tricks on best practices for authoring 3D content and building TouchDesigner patches for use with the Looking Glass.

Prerequisites: Participants need a laptop with an HDMI port or adapter running TouchDesigner. The LookingGlass TD integration makes use of Multi-Camera Rendering so your laptop will need a compatible GPU to work for this:
2:30 pm
6:00 pm